How counselling can help

No matter how you’re feeling or what difficulties you’ve been through, being listened to without judgment in a confidential setting can make a big difference.   It can be a deeply transformative experience being heard and understood: it may be the first time you’ve been respected and valued in this profound way.

Counselling Connection counsellors will gently help you identify, explore and express the issues troubling you, ultimately unravelling and resolving – for yourself – your own difficulties.

It's an empowering process: you will come to know, trust and accept yourself far better than you do today, becoming better connected to who you truly are and therefore better able to make choices and decisions that are right for you moving forwards.

Our counselling philosophy

Our counsellors have been trained in person-centred theory.   This approach believes that in the right psychological environment you are able to heal and find the answers that are right for you, whatever is troubling you.  It believes that you are capable of realising your full potential for growth. 

The right psychological environment can be achieved by providing a setting where you feel safe, free from threat or judgment and where you are listened to, believed and understood.  It is also achieved when you are offered genuine warmth and honest connection with another human being.

A really  important part of the process is that you are able to connect with your counsellor and build up a trusting, honest and professional relationship.  Sometimes it can take a while for this to happen; other times the connection is instant.  If you do not “click” with the first counsellor you are working with -  either after the first session or several sessions down the line – we actively encourage you to meet with another of our Counselling Connection colleagues with whom you may develop an honest and trusting relationship.

Your first session – which is half the normal session price – gives you the opportunity of establishing whether you would like to work with the counsellor you have chosen or who has been assigned to you.  It also enables us to jointly see how we might best work together.

Our counsellors will not direct you towards any particular action or advise you, confident in their belief in your ability to know what’s best for you: what’s helpful to you and what hurts.  Our counsellors may help you consider what options are available to you, should you wish to make changes in your life, and they will also support you whilst you make possibly painful, difficult choices. 

We will work with you for as little or as long a time as is necessary: sometimes just a few sessions are enough, other times more sessions are welcomed.  

Our counsellors work in accordance with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Framework and Standards.